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Hi, welcome to Lily’s Latest Reads! My name is Lily, and I am a college student who would rather stay in, drink a nice cup of tea, and read a new book on a Friday night than anything else. 


Growing up, I considered the library my second home. The library gave me access to so many different worlds, perspectives, and stories, and it was all for free! I loved telling my friends about my favorite books and I would eagerly await their thoughts whenever they would actually read something I pushed on them. Thankfully, this process worked out quite well for me; the literary community that I found in my friends constantly provided me with avid discussions and new material to explore. It was also during this time that learned I hated to put a book down. I would often get reprimanded for reading past the set limit during group reads because I became so involved with the story. 


One day, I learned about bookstagram and in the most non-cliche way possible, my life was forever changed. I soon after started my own bookstagram (@latestreads) in December of 2017, inspired by a book box’s photo challenge. Soon after, I began to write reviews of the books I was reading. I remember the first official review I wrote was to apply for a teen book group at a local bookstore. Since then, I have loved meeting new bookstagram friends, working with authors, and talking about books all day!

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