Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake - Book Review

4.5 Stars

I loved this book! As many of the other reviews on this book, the beginning may be slow and confusing, but the ending is AMAZING! I was left with my mouth hanging open, needing to read the next book! The first half was confusing as there were about six different perspectives or character stories that were being followed, and it would switch every half chapter. I'm normally a huge fan of different story lines, but the way this was done often left me confused. As the stories kept switching, it was very easy for me to forget who was who and their backgrounds and purposes. This didn't happen with the queens, but more with their advisors who also had their own perspective. I don't think I ever fully remembered all of the characters by the end of the book, but I eventually was able to just put names to intentions and skill.

I wish that the chapters were longer in one location (the three queens all live on different parts of the island), but it made me keep reading long into the night to see what would happen.

The ending incredibly genius! I can't stress this enough. I didn't see that twist coming at all. Looking back, I can see the parts that set the ending up, but it was brilliant! I often am able to see through to the twist, but this time I couldn't. I was so wrapped up in the world and what was happening that I couldn't see the twist coming.

Overall, I would recommend this book so much! While the beginning is hard to get through and confusing, the ending makes it so worth it.

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