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Waterstones - Book Store Visit

Over the summer, my family took a trip to Italy. We explored many of the different regions, ate lots of delicious food, and viewed some of the old ruins. And while I loved every second of the trip, when we stopped off in London, I knew what I wanted to do.

I decided to look up bookstores near me, and low and behold, Waterstones Piccadilly (203/206 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9HD) was only a few miles away!

This Waterstones was enormous. According to their website, there are over eight miles in bookshelves alone! There were six different floors, each filled with books and book related goodies.

The YA section wasn't the most immense, but there were still plenty of books to choose from. I'm pretty sure there were five or more shelves with specifically YA titles. There was also a board with what looked like some fantastic YA events, including a prom themed event! The YA section was on the same floor as the middle grade books, which had a Piccadilly circus theme to the area. One of my favorite things about this middle grade section was the table filled with Harry Potter books. I personally think that the UK has the best Harry Potter book covers (Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite) and I now regret not grabbing some while I was there.

On one of the levels, I believe the YA level, there was also a table of feminist/women focused books. This table included books for all ages, such as Women in Sports and I am Malala.

In the lower levels, Waterstones had lots of bookish goodies. There were plenty of journals, bookmarks, games, and pins, as well as Penguin book tote bags. These looked super cute and included titles such as Pride and Predijuse and The Great Gatsby.

Overall, I loved this Waterstones location! It had so many titles and something for everyone. There seemed to be some really fun YA events as well as some great bookish merchandise. If you are in London, I would highly recommend stopping into a Waterstones.

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