Preorder Campaign for All the Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace

As a part of Keel Haul's Sea Crew, I want to share with you all the amazing preorder campaign that is running for not just Tides, but also ATSAT!

Why Preorder?

Preordering is a fantastic way to support authors and their work. Preorders are often a good early indicator of a book's success and can let retailers know they should increase their initial order amount. They also count towards a book's first week's sales, which gives the book an increased chance of landing on a bestseller's list.

By preordering All the Tides of Fate and submitting your receipt, you'll be able to receive a character card pack! The four cards are shown below (from left to right): Ferrick, Vataea, Amora, and Bastian. The art is done by Nicole Deal.

All the Stars and Teeth is coming out in paperback January 26 too! By preordering by January 25, you are eligible to receive your official Keel Haul pin. Above the ship on the pin, there is lettering that says All the Stars and Teeth.

Finally, if you preorder both Tides and ATSAT, you'll receive this exclusive poster! It features the crew you know and love and two new crew members. It is also illustrated by Nicole Dean.

You can preorder both books here and support independent book stores at the same time! If you would like Tides to be signed and personalized to you, order it from here.

And you can submit your preorder receipts for the campaign here.

*some of these links are affiliate links; I may receive a small commission from some of them*

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